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​“A Beautiful Murder”: Nick Undees knows ladies underwear and his beautiful daughters have made his lingerie catalog a hit! Tonight is the Big Fashion Show, but do Satin and Lacey know who'll grace the cover? And how does his wife, Velvet fit in? The photographer is late and someone has broken into Nick's study and read his will. What else could go wrong? Come find out at this "Beautiful Murder"!

"Addicted to Murder”:  The patients have completed twenty-eight days at Dr. Peppler’s Addiction and Affliction Recovery Center. Nurse Rerimes is about to report the doctor’s findings and everyone is eager to learn who has been cured and can return home. Will Clark Dark, who is addicted to tanning beds, be released? How about Candy who hasn’t learned to resist Skittles? Will it be Betty, the narcoleptic, or will the pressure of the big night cause someone to become addicted to murder?

"Art Thou Dying": There's going to be an art auction!  Cal Lessness has made some bad investments and ripped off his girlfriend's paintings. When she finds out she'll have a stroke. He framed his wife, but someone took the critic out of the picture. Come paint the town; whet your pallet and easel on down to help find the missing "Mo‑Nay"! It’s all in fun, deadly fun…a picture perfect comedy!

"Candidate for Murder": It's the new mayor's victory party! Everyone's going to be there….his happy business partner, his tipsy wife, his miserable body guard and even his bitter defeated opponent.  There's even a surprise from his Movie Star mistress who'll keep the party going 'til the lights go out! Join us and see who'll be the next “Candidate for Murder”!

“Death Family Robinson”:  The Robinson’s are gathering to film a ten-year anniversary reunion special for their 1990's TV series, "Chip off the Old Block." The entire cast is planning to attend, including little Charles Wantahoochie who was the star of the show and Lori Adding who played Mitzy, the daughter and real-life daughter of the show's producer, Aaron Adding. But something doesn't add up. Could someone have murder in mind?

“Family Reunion”: Big Daddy is coming to the holiday family reunion with his new Christmas bride, Honey. His kids, Baby and Sonny, have mixed feeling about their new “Mom” while his high rolling sister and her new boyfriend, Lou, may be planning  to take a stab at a wedding of their own. The holidays are always a good time for a wedding . . . or a murder!   

"Fit to Kill": Entrepreneur Kurt Hertz is selling his health club unbeknownst to his employees. But what about his promise to Lotta Repps, his shapely activities director? How will yoga instructor, Matt E. Tation, react to the news that his position may be eliminated? Will everyone play nice or will someone be Fit to Kill?

"Murder and the Family Stone”:  The holidays are here! Roland Stone has gathered his entire family together to celebrate! Unfortunately, someone’s put murder under the Christmas tree, death in the Easter basket, and homicide in the Fourth of July potato salad. It’s Murder and the Family Stone!

“Murder by Proxy”: You’re invited to a shareholder’s meeting where the agenda is Dinner, Drinks and Murder!  Will your stock rise…or is someone plotting a hostile takeover?  Come participate in this latest laugh-invested venture.  A murder mystery guaranteed to pay you fun-filled dividends!!

“Murder for My Valentine”: Anita Mann is hosting a big party for her three “pen pals” hoping that one will be her Valentine. Will her jealous sister, Donita, spoil the day? Will her Aunt Sue keep Anita’s secret about her suitors? Can her pen pals remain civil as they compete for her affections or will there be Murder for My Valentine?

“Murder for My Birthday”: Anita Mann is having a big party birthday and has invited  her three “pen pals” hoping that one will be her boyfriend. Will her jealous sister, Donita, spoil the day? Will her Aunt Sue keep Anita’s secret about her suitors? Can her pen pals remain civil as they compete for her affections or will there be Murder for My Birthday?

“Murder for the Holidays”:  The Mann family’s getting together for the holiday.  Melody’s providing the music, Sugar the treats, and all the Mann Clan’s gonna have fun, fun, fun!  But wait! Somebody’s spiked the punch…and Big Bad Mann’s surprise package may unravel the Family Fortune!  Looks like there’s gonna be Murder for the Holidays!!!

"Murder For Members Only”: Join us for the club manager's birthday party, but don't eat the cake because one of the guest's membership is about to expire! Could it be the golf pro who swings to much, the chef s assistant who drinks to much, or the waitress Margarita who doesn't drink at all?! You'll have to solve this one because the membership chairperson's playing tennis, but still can't find love, and even Howie the club accountant can't figure it out.

“Murder on Ice”: Howie’s been released from jail, and Joanne’s planned a “Welcome Back” party.  Is he in for a surprise – Ida Love’s now in charge and Juan, the new chef,  has not only cooked up a romance with Margarita, the waitress (person), he’s made Chef Phillipe his bus boy.  In the meantime, a Slick Newcomer has appeared on the scene and the magic he weaves would make any party hot enough to melt ice…especially where there’s MURDER!

“Murder Overboard” The passengers are preparing to board the ship, the SS Intimate Encounter, to take a “cruise for lovers” on Circus Cruise Lines. Captain X. Ron Valdez is preparing to set sail while the ship’s doctor, C. Alice Hardin, is making sure the ship’s pharmacy is well-stocked. The ship’s entertainer, magician Davey Copafield, is quite excited about all the women expected to be on board. Will everything be smooth sailing or will there be murder on board?

"Play Murder”:  When the curtain goes up, the bodies start to fall. You are invited to audition for a new play. You will rub elbows with glamorous celebrities, and work with a famous Hollywood Director.  That is, if he lives through the night. This is a brand new murder mystery comedy guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat!

“Real Murder”: Reality gets turned upside down, when famous "Reality Show" celebrities turn up for what they think is a taping of their new shows. When reality show star and billionaire Ronald Rump ends up dead, the simple life of these celebrities turns into a game of survivor.

“Reservations For Murder":  Join us for the manager's birthday party, but don't eat the cake . . . because one of the guests is about to expire. Could it be the assistant chef who drinks too much? Or the waitress, Margarita who doesn't drink at all? Even Howie, the accountant can't figure it out. But you might. . . if you make Reservations for Murder!

“Singing, Dancing and Dying”:  Roll out the red carpet! Get your cameras ready! The stars are coming out tonight! Who’s on the guest list? You’ll see the legendary Mariah Houston; the great opera singer Antonio Prosciutto; pop stars Brittany Swords and Juicey Timberpants; Grace Ssh-stick, lead singer of the band Jeffersonian Helicopter; and punk rocker Johnny Terrible! Is it the Grammy Awards? No, it’s MURDER!

“Slippery When Dead”:  Wealthy oilman, Tex “Big Daddy” Digger is hosting his company’s annual awards banquet tonight. He plans to give out a big bonus to his most valuable employee if his new trophy-wife, Goldie, hasn’t spent all the company money. Will his crafty foreman, Hiram, get the bonus again this year? Or will LittleBit, his trusty secretary or Ethyl, the safety expert, be the winner.  Or will the competition for the big bucks leave someone slippery when dead?

“Uncle Buzzard’s Last Request”: Uncle Buzzard fears that he doesn't have long to live, so he has called the Hatch family together to execute his new Last Will and Testament. He doesn't want his family bickering over his estate after he is gone, so he wants to personally explain his wishes. Will his daughters, Robin and Sparrow, accept his last request? What about Marcia, his new attorney?  Will everyone play nice, or will someone be executed instead of the Will?

"Who Wants To Murder A Millionaire”:  The millenium's hottest new game show, hosted by the hottie of show business himself, Theo and his sexy sidekick Missy, is sure to be a bang at your place. These two Innnn. . .credible characters will knock your socks off and make you scream for hours, that is as long as the game goes as planned. Will the smarties Emily Eyeque, Bettie Bright, and Val Dictorian answer all the questions right, will the millionaire Mack Mensa die as scheduled, or will the evening end in a bloody mess?


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